At Wigwag Club we believe in the old adage that dogs don’t stop playing because they grow old, they grow old because they stop playing. We offer on- and off-leash walks in central San Francisco for small dogs of all ages, however, we have a passion for helping senior and special-needs dogs get the exercise they need, and the adventure they crave. From puppyhood to old age, we’re devoted to keeping your best friend active and engaged on his or her own level; whatever that may be.

We view dogs as family members, and take your pup’s care as seriously as you do. Wigwag Club utilizes force-free, reward-positive training techniques. We are Dog*Tec and Pet Tech certified, licensed, and insured. Check out our Services page, or contact us to learn more.

Why Hire a Dog Walker?

There is a popular saying that 'a tired dog is a good dog'. It holds true. The mental and physical stimulation of our regular treks help keep older dogs agile, and help younger dogs to be calm and focused by the time you're ready to hang out with them at the end of your work day. Daily exercise helps your dog stay healthy and curbs destructive behavior.


What is Reward Positive Training?

At Wigwag Club, we promise to use only force-free and positive reinforcement training techniques. This means we use treats, praise, and play to reward behavior we like or want to see more of. Alternately, we remove treats, attention, or other rewards when a dog misbehaves. Positive Reinforcement is a scientifically proven, powerful training tool in shaping your dog's behavior.