Why should I choose Wigwag Club?

Wigwag Club is owner-operated. We are small, passionate, professional, and committed to giving your dog a safe and fun adventure each day, while providing you with exceptional customer service along the way. Nikki is a Dog*Tec Certified walker and certified in pet CPR and first aid by PetTech, licensed by the City of San Francisco, and insured. As a Muttville volunteer, she has extensive experience interacting with dogs of all shapes, sizes, speeds, and backgrounds; and is able to customize her approach to your dog's needs.

What does a group walk include?

Group walks include:

  • pick-up and drop-off from your home in our Animal Care and Control inspected vehicle
  • 60 minutes of off-leash play in a park or at the beach
  • Good manners reinforced (sit, wait, come when called)  
  • Towel-drying as needed
  •  Daily notes and pictures about your dog’s adventures 
  • Packs are limited to 6 or fewer dogs to ensure safety and personal attention

What does a private walk include?

Private walks include:

  • A car-free adventure in and around your neighborhood
  • Customized attention based on your dog's needs
  • 30 minutes to stroll, sniff, and play 
  • Good manners reinforced (sit, wait, come when called)  
  • Towel-drying as needed
  •  Daily notes and pictures about your dog’s adventures 

Is there a weight limit for dogs?

Maintaining a 50% dog-to-dog weight ratio helps keep everyone in our pack safe, and ensures a fun playtime on the trail. For this reason we do limit group walks to dogs 35 lbs or lighter.
However, if your dog is larger than 35 lbs, (s)he might be a great candidate for our private walks and other services.

Is there an age requirement for walks?

Wigwag Club carefully selects for dog groups that get along well together. We do require that any puppies joining the Wigwag Gang be at least 6 months old, to ensure they've had all their shots. There is no age limit for senior dogs. That said, we can promise that if you have a curmudgeon-ey senior dog, (s)he will never be placed in the same pack with a hyperactive puppy.  

What payment methods do you accept?

Services are billed in advance. Wigwag Club accepts payment via cash, check, or Square.

What are your requirements for joining Wigwag Club?

Our highest aim is to keep your best friend safe. With that in mind, we require that:

  • All dogs be licensed with the city of San Francisco and wear a current ID tag
  • All dogs have current DHLPP, Bordetella & Rabies vaccinations
  • All dogs be on a monthly flea preventative (i.e. Revolution, Advantage or Frontline, etc.)
  • All dogs be spayed or neutered

How do I sign up?

Interested in joining Wigwag Club? Contact us to set up a meet & greet to get the ball rolling!